Wellness Workshops

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Workshops are designed to educate guests on various aspects of maintaining healthy eating habits and how to integrate this lifestyle into their own. Topics range from mindful eating, conscious living, everyday modifications for balance, to work-life stress reduction, movement, and beyond. 

For private and small business workshops, various group sizes can be accommodated depending on your individual needs.


Corporate Wellness Opportunities


Is your company looking to enjoy the benefits of a healthier, happier and more productive workforce?

Corporate wellness workshops are designed to give individuals a holistic view of their health, while tackling some of the most common issues such as low energy, maintaining a healthy weight and curbing unhealthy cravings. They are both educational and interactive utilizing cooking demonstrations to engage employees in a fun way! Partner with me to give your employees a new and exciting view of health and nutrition.

“The more wellness opportunities offered in the workplace, the higher sense of well being each employee will experience.”


 Support. Balance. Transformation

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